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Steel Lintels

EP produces a wide range of Steel Lintels. The use of Steel Lintels in the construction sector is fast becoming the preferred method used to create lintels between door, window and piers. Steel is very malleable and easily formed to create lintels. They can be produced in a variety of lengths, strengths, sizes and widths as well as custom made to suit any style or shape.


Structural Steel

EP can also meet your needs for Structural steel from beams, columns, mullions, roofing and related products. We fabricate according to Engineer or Architect's specifications. We have completed many projects, each with its own obstacles and challenges to our clients, cost effectively and on time.


General Fabrication

EP welcomes all types of design challenges from prototypes to final production. Our objectives are not just to produce innovative and creative ideas to your solutions, but also to manufacture High-Quality end products. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your needs and provide a quote and / or design solution.


Steel Shutters for Concrete Stairs

If you happen to be building a new house-office,and its going to be higher than the one floor you probably need a staircase. Then its time to get inspired by your imagination and exploit your desire to make your Staircase a Major Architectural Feature in your house / office. Let EP help you create something dynamic, to define your style and decor. No more boring and ordinary entrance way.


Railing - Balustrades

EP offer Innovative, High-Grade custom made Railing - Balustrade systems accurately and cost effective to grace your Balcony, Stairs, Retaining wall and Terrace. Let your imagination create a long lasting impression, and enhance your style, clean line and soft curves integrate technology, classical proportions, good old fashion fun and a lifetime of enjoyment.


Steel Stair Sytems

EP offers a wide variety of High - Quality, Cost Effective Steel Stair Systems. Competitively priced and code complaint, EP can produce steel stair system's that range from Standard Egress, Signature and Complex Architectural stairs, Spiral stairs, to Grand Complex and Monumental stairs. Our stairs are engineered and designed according to job - site specifications and legal codes.



Talking to our client to get their exact order with the finest of details.



Getting top quality, sustainable materials for the client made the way they wanted up to the finest detail.



Providing our clients with Superb Craftsmanship products scheduled on time to our customers satisfaction.

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